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Agribusiness is one of the most challenging businesses in the world. Bangladesh depends heavily on agriculture, but the prospects and potentials for agribusiness for this country is yet to be adequately understood, studied, and its enormous potential explored. This sector is at best in an emerging but nascent stage of development. Bangladesh cannot sustain long-run macroeconomic stabilization and economic progress without having a strong agricultural sector accompanied by a dynamic agribusiness sub-sector. Given the high importance of this topic, this exploratory study has been undertaken to assess the role and significance of agribusiness in Bangladesh along with the current status and future potentials. The study is conducted within an institution-based view of the world and examines the institutional and non-institutional factors that may prevent the country from realizing its full potential from agribusiness. The paper argues that various institutional, structural and policy reforms be made and effectively implemented so that the sector can contribute significantly towards the country’s economic development