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ADSL offers extensive services in education sector particularly human resources development and its management from primary level to tertiary levels. The company has substantial experience in non-formal post-literacy and continuing education. The aim in non-formal education is to assist government and NGOs to establish a community-based needs-oriented education program. Services include needs assessment, curriculum development following appropriate pedagogy, dissemination of curriculum, testing, textbook publishing and privatization, teachers’ training including development of curriculum and training methodologies. Services also include baseline survey, feasibility study, impact assessment, design of student stipend, incentives for teachers, imparting training to teachers and members of management committees, project administration and management of educational institutions.

ADSL has carried out demanding projects in curriculum development, planning and designing; learning materials including standard course development and achievement tests in formal and non-formal education. It has expertise in developing and producing a range of formal and non-formal (including post-literacy and continuing education) core competency-based teaching and learning curriculum and detailed materials following the curriculum.

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