Quality Control System

When evaluating whether one of its project is successful, ADSL measures its performance against quality standards to determine whether the organisation is meeting its expectations. Having an effective quality control system can reveal the weaknesses in a process, allowing prompt action to be taken to rectify areas of deficiency. The significant features of ADSL’s quality control system are described below.

  • Mapping out and determining steps to meet client expectations, thereby creating a platform for action
  • Defining and communicating parameters related to job responsibilities, project time frames and
    process bottlenecks and indicators
  • Identifying risks associated with a project and assigning resources accordingly, thereby curtailing
    problems at an early stage
  • Providing the consulting team with logistics planning and delivery services and following up with them routinely
  • Informing clients on work done and progress made on a regular basis, ensuring minimal disruptive feedback Maintaining confidentiality and objectivity at all stages of the project.