ADSL story

The Associates for Development Services Limited (ADSL) was established in 1999 in Bangladesh with humble beginnings. With little more to show than a determination to achieve significant results, the organization has since gone on to become an important player in the development consulting services arena.

ADSL offers a range of technical advisory services to multilateral, bilateral, governmental and non-governmental organizations based both in Bangladesh and abroad. The organization addresses social and economic constraints while seeking opportunities for poverty reduction and sustainable development. Its expert consultants identify and implement appropriate action plans to reduce economic barriers and build on opportunities.

ADSL has crafted a reputation for itself thanks to its expert knowledge and ability to successfully implement projects in the sectors of education, health, economic growth, infrastructure building, institutional support and governance. The organization provides its clients with tailored consulting advice and appropriate approaches drawn from cases originating from various countries. It adapts these practices to the scenarios at home, working closely with local experts to achieve results.

ADSL has developed its in-house capacity over the years and has created a network of experts dedicated to providing quality services. The organization has worked on projects in Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and is registered with the World Bank (its vendor ID no. being 91678 and the Asian Development Bank (its CMS number being 002514) as a consulting firm. ADSL is also an ISO 9001 certified company. In addition, ADSL provides consulting services to projects supported by international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Department for International Development, the European Commission, Japan International Cooperation Agency and more.