Project Imp. Year Country Client Sector Funding Agency
Research and Training Network (RTN) Component under SASEC Aug 2011 – Dec 2012 Bangladesh and South Asia ADB Multi-Sectors ADB
Preparation of a Background Study on Growth and Employment in Relation to the Integrated Farming Systems Development Programme 2013-2017 in Bangladesh Jun – Aug 2011 Bangladesh Harewelle International Ltd., United Kingdom Multi-Sectors DANIDA
Final Evaluation of BRAC Implemented (2002-2007) Challenging the Frontiers for Poverty Reduction Project (CFPR-I) April-May 2007 Bangladesh Sub consultant (EC Framework Multi-Sectors EC
A Study on Role of Sectoral Priorities, Returns to Labour and Factor Proportions in the Pro-Poor Growth Process in Bangladesh Jun-Nov 2006 Bangladesh Planning Commission Multi-Sectors GoB
Appraisal of the Proposed Five-Year Plan (2007-2011) Project Proposal of Community Development Centre (CODEC) – Bangladesh Aug 2006 Bangladesh COWI Multi-Sectors DANIDA
Formulation Mission – Support to Justice Systems Jun-Aug 2006 Bangladesh Sub consultant (EC Framework Multi-Sectors European Union
Identification Mission – Combating Child Trafficking in Bangladesh EC Framework Lot-7 Jul-Sep 2005 Bangladesh Sub consultant (EC Framework) Multi-Sectors European Union