Service Coverage

ADSL provides a wide range of short and long term technical advisory services through international and national experts who participate in missions, projects, programs and studies. Some of the important services that ADSL engages in are outlined below.

  • Project Identification, Appraisal and Formulation: As the first step in the strategic planning process, ADSL identifies the feasibility of a project before devoting significant time and resources to its implementation. With this initial assessment complete, the organization then examines the viability of the project more closely – appraising the benefits of proceeding with the venture. Next, in the Project Formulation stage, ADSL identifies the scope of work associated with the project and estimates the expected costs to be incurred as part of the project’s activities.
  • Project Management and Implementation: As part of its Project Management service, ADSL uses its skills and experience and knowledge of processes and methods to achieve project objectives. In this context, a project can be defined as a unique venture undertaken to attain planned objectives, which can be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. In the Project Implementation stage, ADSL puts all its visions and plans into action. At this stage, all the activities described in a work plan are carried out, involving the coordination of a wide range of activities, the overseeing of a team and the management of a budget among other issues.
  • Human Resource Capacity Building: For ADSL, Human Resource Capacity Building means much more than simply providing training. It means equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to knowledge that enables them to perform effectively, while looking into management
    structures, processes and procedures that will enhance their productivity. ADSL recognizes that the
    need for capacity building is always changing and that any programme addressing it must be suited to the local context and organisation.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: The purpose of ADSL’s Monitoring and Evaluation system is to provide accurate and timely information related to the company’s various interventions and projects so that management at all levels of decision-making can determine what made an initiative a success or a
    failure. Furthermore, the monitoring and evaluation system brings to light what lessons can be applied when implementing future projects. By determining what worked and what did not in a
    project, better decisions will be made and resources will be allocated more efficiently for future